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24 luglio 2008

Quello che noi mangiamo: le fattorie del dolore

Ricevo dalla PETA e pubblico questa comunicazione in inglese circa la condizione dei maiali. Per chi non fosse già a conoscenza di certi fatti è una lettura molto istruttiva.

Sixteen million individual pigs – yes, you read that figure correctly – are slaughtered for their flesh every single year in the UK alone! Their short lives are a living hell.

Please support PETA by making an online donation today to help change pigs' lives for the better.

In the UK, we might think we have the best animal welfare laws in the world, but even with the improvements which have been made, one look at our own factory farms tells us something different. Please be brave and keep reading, if only so you can tell others how to help.

Pigs reared on intensive factory farms in the UK are confined to concrete-floored cells which are so small that the animals can barely move. The law does not require that pigs be provided with any bedding, so most of them will never have any. They lie on filthy, hard floors day in and day out.

Unsurprisingly, disease is common in pig barns because of the severely crowded conditions, so antibiotics are used to keep the pigs alive long enough so that they can be slaughtered for their flesh.

Bred to produce large litters – with three times as many piglets as they would deliver in nature – sows are subject to an exhaustive cycle of continual pregnancy. They give birth to litters of 10 to 12 piglets every 20 weeks! During their pregnancies, sows are confined to torturously small farrowing crates – barren metal cages which are only slightly larger than the width of their own bodies. It is difficult for them to stand or lie down, and it's impossible for them to turn around.

Please show your support for ending the abuse of animals on factory farms. Your help will make a difference!

To make matters worse, piglets are taken from their mothers after only three weeks, and just days later, the sows are forcibly impregnated again.

From the day she is born to the day she is slaughtered, this is the only life a sow will ever know – one of pain, grief for the loss of her young and frustration from the denial of all liberty.

Life is a living hell for the 16 million bright and intelligent pigs who are butchered for their flesh every year in the UK.

But it doesn't have to be this way! PETA is working non-stop with corporations, supermarkets, fast-food chains and restaurants to get animal welfare reforms in place which force suppliers to dramatically reduce the suffering of millions of animals. We are succeeding in this hard battle, and you can help!

Your donation can change lives. PETA has shown over and over again that we do have a direct effect on the lives of animals, thanks to the support of caring people like you!

PETA and its affiliates get results, but we simply cannot do it without your help. Please donate today. Help PETA pressure more corporations around the world to reduce the suffering of the millions of animals who are unfortunate enough to be caught up in corporations' supply chains.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

PS Pigs are exceptionally intelligent, sensitive animals who are often compared to dogs because they are so friendly, bright, loyal and playful. Pigs love to socialise and explore their surroundings, but few will ever get the chance to do so. With your support, we are changing that and giving pigs and other farmed animals a chance to escape pain.


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